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Lesotho Link

Allensbank has recently begun its link with Hermitage in Qacha’s Nek in Southern Lesotho. We had a great surprise when some letters were brought to us from grade 6. All the pupils were all really excited to get the letters. Each letter had a photograph of the writer on them, the pupils loved knowing what their new pen pal looked like.



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Everyone chose the letter they wanted based on the likes and dislikes of the author, they were read  and then write a reply. Four months later, replies were received, the pupils were really excited to have a letter written personally to them!

Sharon, who taught in Hermitage, came in to share many photographs and answer lots of questions that all the pupils had. In Hermitage, they stared the Swallow project. This is the project that Sharon started, showing a link between Lesotho and Wales. In our Summer months, a swallow’s home is in Wales and in our winter months, the swallow’s home is in Lesotho. Sharon came in to carry out the swallow project. The results were fantastic! We have now displayed the artwork to remind us all of our link with Hermitage in Lesotho.


Allensbank has been learning all about Lesotho and its link with Wales for 4 years. Many pupils have and great experiences and loved learning all about this contrasting country. They have learnt through class activities such as making Basotho skirts out of bottle tops and plastic makes, modelling  Basotho huts and even trying some traditional Basotho food. We have also been lucky to have visits from Basothos, have a  Lesotho club and we even carried out an assembly to celebrate Moshoeshoe’s Day.